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2017 Website Update

It's been a while since I have been able to access the website.

I am looking forward to being able to add new information and ponies.

Stay tuned.

News December 2014


The year started off poorly with Henry very sick from a blood infection. Recovery was slow and involved weeks in hospital and convalescing at home. Henry is now recovered and back to all the ceaseless chores around the place.

Kahean Tanner went to join Chelsea Winter. After Chelseas's success with Kahean Leilani we could not ask for a better home.

Ballina Cleopatra presented us with a beautiful bay filly. Kahean Luna Faerie. this is our final foal from Green Hills Trooper Thomas (dec) and certainly a keeper.

Most of our mares have been covered for the season for 2015 foals by Glenormiston Celtic Prince and Garnet Ulysses. We are looking forward to Ulysses first foals.

Garnet Ulysses went to a local show with Matt and Chris Foss. He came home with a Reserve Mountain & Moorland from a group of 6 ponies.


News January 2014

So much has happened since the big move. Computer problems have kept me from being able to update the website so I will keep it brief before it crashes again.

New address: 2556 Sunraysia Highway Waubra Vic 3352 (25klm off Western Highway NW of Ballarat )

New phone no: 03 5343 5086

New email: kahean@bigpond.com

News November 2013

Kahean Stud will move to Waubra this month. This gives us a much bigger property and will reduce the need to buy in so much feed as well as reducing our workload. Currently the property is very green and beautiful. We are so excited.

Our newest colt is baby Emmett born 28th October to Kate and David. A new brother for Zavier and Amelia. All are happy with their new baby brother and Kate is finding Emmett to be a good baby.

Kahean Lady Sellick has been sold and will leave us at the end of the year.

Kahean Tanner missed out on getting the "snip" and has become one of our new stallions.We brought him down to the house for gelding but noticed how he matured and how nicely put together he is. So he gets a reprieve for now. (pictured)

We lost the beautiful Blandings Colleen in September cause unknown. She will be missed as she was such a character. We feel very fortunate to have her filly Kahean Ruby Rose by Glenormiston Celtic Prince.

Debengary Jazz will return to us this month. Turns out she is not in foal and will be covered by Glenormiston Celtic Prince for a 2014 foal.

Connie the rescue pony is making very slow progress but we still can't touch her. She is brought into the shed every now and again for a bit of "grooming" and back scratching with a length of stick but she is still not happy. She does follow us around and loves to be close to you when the feed comes out but strangers make her very fearful.

We are expecting 3 foals this month by Green Hills Trooper Thomas. The mares are huuuuge!! Hopefully they are on the ground before we move and not during the move.

We will not be showing ponies this year. With my ongoing shoulder injury I am unable to handle any ponies and they are all looking untidy and scruffy.





News May 2013

Foal weaning commenced last month with Kahean Lady Sellick (Lola) and Kahean Diamond Solitaire (Magic) being the first two being started. With me having an injured shoulder I have been unable to help much at all. Lola has proven to be unlike her mum and siblings and has taken a fair amount of time to come round. Both fillies come into the stables each night and are paddocked during the day. Magic is a delight and easy to handle yet Lola has been very reluctant to have any hands on. Ciara did tend to keep Lola close to herself and spent very little time socialing with people when they visited. They will not be ready for the foal show this month but we will continue with their training. Still have two more Connemara foals and one Shetland foal to wean later this month.

Thoroughbred Debengary Jazz has headed off to Trudi Simmonds. Due to a need to reduce our numbers it was decided to offer Jazz to Trudi as Jazz's next foal belongs to Trudi. Their are plans for Jazz to breed to an Irish Draught for her next foal so Trudi could not be happier.



News April 2013

Blandings Beamish left us this month for a new home in Tasmania. His new owner already has some similar lines of ponies and has found Beamish to be more impressive than when she first saw him in 2012. We wish him every success with his new owner.

We had a new arrival in the form of rescue mare, Connie. She is believed to be a part-bred Connemara but as she was inhertited with a property in 1997 there is no information on her breeding. She has never had a halter on and has no interest in us other than at feed time. We just let her be and Thomas loves her as his new companion.

 Also to join us is the much loved Ballina Cleopatra who has returned to us from Jean Dart. Sadly Jean is downgrading her stud but will still be involved with the Connermara pony through the CVAG and with a couple of ponies she will be retaining. Cleo will be covered by Green Hills Trooper Thomas later this year.


NEWS February 2013

Summer has not been very kind to our pastures resulting in lots of hay needing to be brought in. Ponies are looking great despite this. Blandings Beamish has returned to us after his season at Icarus Park Stud.

Green Hills Trooper Thomas is running with Glenormiston Ciara, Capparis Enya and Capparis Solitaire. Enya's colt, Charlie, is very taken with Uncle Thomas and spends a lot of time with him. Thomas has just turned 24 and despite being a little "light-on" he is looking very well in himself and is enjoying having a herd. All the foals will be weaned over the next couple of months.

Debengary Jazz and Blandings Colleen are both covered by Glenormiston Celtic Prince. Jazz's last foal was sold and this foal has been ordered by the same buyer. Colleen has an outstanding filly at foot and fingers are crossed that she is in foal again. Monahan Serenade is paddock mate to Colleen's foal Ruby Rose and is still very much a youngster herself.

The shetland stud is now down to 4 ponies and we still have one left to sell. Sad to see the others go but they have gone to great homes with other Shetland breeders.

News december 2012

 Sadly we said goodbye to the matriarch of our stud, Glenormiston Diamonds Forever. She was a wonderful pony, very much a lady and will be sadly missed.

We have filly foals from Glenormiston Ciara,  Capparis Solitaire and Blandings Colleen and our last foal from Capparis Enya is a lovely bay colt who is already turning grey. All fillies are being retained by the stud and the colt will be available on weaning.

Names are as follows:

Kahean Lady Sellick ( Green Hills Trooper Thomas x Glenormiston Ciara) known as Lola



 Kahean Diamond Solitaire (Glenormiston Thady x Capparis Solitaire) known as Magic


 Kahean Ruby Rose (Glenormiston Celtic Prince x Blandings Colleen) known as Ruby


 Kahean Diamond Jubilee (Glenormiston Thady x Capparis Enya) known as Charlie



About Kahean Stud


Kahean Stud commenced in Belimbla Park, NSW, Australia, in 1998 and is the dream of KAte, HEnry & ANnette.  (Pronounced Ka-heen.)

Kahean Stud moved to Sulky, Victoria, Australia, in 2001.

We started with Connemara Ponies. Our aim to breed quiet ponies, with great temperaments, suitable for the whole family and any discipline.  In 2007 we took a break from breeding due to Annette's ill health and the severe Victorian drought.  We resumed again in 2010 with the purchase of a new stallion and the search for new breeding mares.

2010 also saw the creation of the Sulky Gully stud prefix for the registration of Shetland Ponies.  Sulky Gully was created to give a clear distinction between our Connemara and Shetland breeding programs. 

Kahean Stud has also been the proud owners of Shetland Ponies since 2004, when we purchased Pentland Mojo (a little chestnut gelding). The purchase of a Shetland Stallion in 2009 made us realise that we were creating a Shetland Stud also.

Both the Connemara and Shetland Pony temperaments, trainability and love of people, have never let us down and we eagerly look to the future for our breeding programs.

All Connemara Ponies are registered with CPBSA and the APSB. 

All Shetland Ponies are registered APSB.

We welcome visitors at any time.  We may not always have ponies for sale but visitors are always welcome.  Please contact us to make an appointment.

 We hope you enjoy your visit to our site.

Connemara Pony Breeders Society of Aust Inc

This is the daughter society of the Connemara Pony Breeders Society in Ireland for the registration of Australian Connemara Ponies.

Ponies are registered in a class system

Class 1 - pure bred stallions and mares that have been vet checked, DNA'd and a visual inspection by CPBSA appointed inspectors.

Class 2 - pure bred stallions and mares that have been vet checked, DNA'd and have failed or not been presented for a visual inspection by CPBSA appointed inspectors.

Class 3 - ponies that have been DNA verified and are pure bred mares or fillies that fail vet inspection and pure bred geldings.  Part Bred Connemaras.

In Victoria, the CPBSA has two action groups - Central Victorian Action Group and the Barwon Region Action Group.

This is just a brief overview and full information is available on www.cpbsa.com.au


Australian Pony Stud Book Society Inc

This is the stud book of all pony breeds in Australia.  The APSB provides equestrian events such as the APSB Victorian Stud Show, APSB Pony Action Day, APSB Pony of the Year, APSB Victorian Foal Show.  It has many activity groups around Victoria which all provide sponsorship for regional shows and run their own regional Breed, Activity and Foal Shows.  Further information available on www.apsbvic.com.au or the Federal website: www.apsb.asn.au

 Most Connemara ponies are registered with both sites if being shown in hand or under saddle.

Email: kahean@bigpond.com

Phone: (03) 5343 5086


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